Why are we different?

Project’s results for the beneficiaries:

  • 90% daily work attendance
  • 45% no longer live on the streets
  • 68% have positively addressed their drinking or drug use
  • majority have reunited with their families
  • improved relationships with the city’s police.

The project addresses needs holistically by focusing on health, accommodation, finding purpose and building a community and social networks around our beneficiaries. There are no handouts, only a hand up. Project’s results for the beneficiaries: 90% daily During full-time work, the beneficiaries learn to replace destructive thinking and behaviour patterns with healthier ones.

StreetUni Cape Town donates money to Khulisa’s Streetscapes Community Project.

Increased revenue enables Streetscapes to reach more beneficiaries, increase its rehabilitation projects and become a greater voice in offering solutions to the challenges of our changing society. The homeless challenge is on the increase. So is the graduate’s ability to find a credible and meaningful internship experience.)

We believe in the ‘bottom up’ approach, where we support the most vulnerable to regain their dignity and feel that they belong to a caring community. We help people to rebuild a sense of self. We believe that the problem is not homelessness. That’s a result; a symptom. The problem is actually a public mental one that is not going away, but is instead only getting bigger. We believe in growing better lives, a better city and a better world. If you believe in this, become a VolunTrainee and join a project that engages in real work. The challenge for people wanting to enter the economic market is no longer to outmanoeuvre and outmuscle the competition. It is to outthink the competition by developing unique points of view of the world we live in and the future that lies ahead. The challenging question for each person, especially the youth, is ‘Am I learning as fast as the world is changing?’

StreetUni Cape Town helps you expose yourself to new ideas. It gives you a structured, safe and innovative environment in which to think differently. This is how you prepare yourself for the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

We believe that by choosing StreetUni Cape Town and becoming a VolunTrainee at Streetscapes, you will have a remarkable life experience that will prepare you for the changing world.

Our programme comprises four integrated modules. Click here.

Choose from 10 opportunities

We invite the following people to become VolunTrainees:
  • People who believe in changing the status quo and are seeking a better way to live life.
  • Social-entrepreneurial-thinking people who want to become global citizens.
  • People who want to grow their talent in a diverse and non-traditional environment.
  • People who want to take the initiative, take ownership and learn new skills.
  • People who believe that we grow by growing others.
  • People who want a hands-on-experience.
Become a VolunTrainee. Growing better lives.