The world is changing. At a remarkable pace.

Become a VolunTrainee.

Change your perception and the world will change.
Why StreetUni Cape Town?

Today, 200 000 people live on South Africa’s streets.

The VolunTraining Programme gives VolunTrainees an opportunity to volunteer their knowledge and at the same time become trained! We believe in growing better lives and helping people become global citizens who are mindful of balancing the economy, society and planet.

Why we are different
StreetUni is not a placement agency
We partner with Khulisa Social Solutions’ Streetscapes Community Project.

We believe in what the French novelist Marcel Proust said: ‘The real act of discovery consists not in finding new lands but in seeing with new eyes.’

Khulisa’s Streetscapes Community Project
We currently operate in Cape Town, employing chronic street people in rehabilitative work opportunities.

The project offers those with progressive drug and alcohol addictions a chance to rebuild their lives and to regain their dignity. There are no handouts, only a hand up.

We believe in...

The 'bottom up' approach supporting the most vulnerable to regain their dignity and feel that they belong in society.

Helping people to rebuild a sense of self.

The problem is not homelessness.
That’s a result, a symptom. The problem is actually a public
mental one that is not going away, but is instead only getting bigger.

Growing better lives, a better city and a better world.

Do you share our beliefs?

WE BELIEVE that by choosing StreetUni Cape Town and becoming a VolunTrainee at Streetscapes, you will have a remarkable life experience that will prepare you for the changing world.

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