‘The highlight of this project for me was being able to truly feel like a part of the community. From knowing people in different parts of the city to mastering the local handshake, it all made the work more meaningful and interesting.’

Colin Coutts

Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Massachusetts, United States

‘My favourite part of this project was being able to step out of the office and immerse myself in a new culture. The interactions showed me new perspectives and understandings that I couldn’t get anywhere else.’

Kyle Suchanek,

Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Massachusetts, United States

‘At Streetscapes, the beneficiaries become more like your co-workers rather than just people that you are trying to help. We work as a team on projects integrating all our various skill sets rather than us, the VolunTrainees simply coming in and deciding what needs to happen and how. It’s a system designed to encourage the reintegration back into society of those who had been outcast for so long. It’s putting the control back into their hands and saying “hey, we know you can do it. We’re just here to help you along the way.” It has been incredible to see how the beneficiaries have really taken ownership of their work and have put so much time and effort in to seeing their projects come to fruition. No amount of money or hand-outs could ever do what Streetscapes is doing by placing value on those who once felt valueless.’

Michelle Karsten

University of Stellenbosch, South Africa

‘First and foremost, what I loved about this project was the people that we worked with. They, each and every one of them, are what made my experience in Cape Town so great. It was the simple things, like seeing Runnelle smile and hearing her crack her jokes, that made my days better. It was hearing her, Abu and Ismael’s stories, which they confided in us because of the trust we had built that made this trip worthwhile.’

Masha Nikulina

Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Massachusetts, United States

‘I'm impressed by the work done by Streetscapes. It is a really uplifting project that should be replicated in every city. In my opinion Streetscapes’ urban gardens are a really good way to heal street peoples’ souls, as well as bringing appeasing atmosphere to Cape Town residents (and fresh vegetables!) In this project I think a student in any field can bring their help provided that he or she is self-sufficient and motivated.’

Chloé Boullard